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Doing the right thing can be very difficult, especially when doing so may come at some expense to a family member or loved one. Such was the dilemma facing a Chicago woman last week when she recognized her son in … Continue reading

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While often associated with similar-sounding and related property crimes, offenses pertaining to burglary in Illinois are handled as a separate classification under law. Television and movies have promulgated the image of a burglar as an individual who breaks into a … Continue reading

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Last year, the state of Illinois enacted a ban on hand-held cell phone use while driving, making it illegal to talk or text without the use of hands-free features. As the law is now a quarter of the way through … Continue reading

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According to numbers from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, about 80,000 forcible rapes were reported nationwide in 2013, including roughly 4,000 in the state of Illinois. However, in that same year, nearly 18,000 adults and children sought help at the … Continue reading

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