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Just how effective are ignition interlock devices? The tiny devices that prevent intoxicated drivers from starting or operating a vehicle have grown in popularity across the country as an effective method to prevent drunk driving. Since the first legislation on … Continue reading

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Most of us associate violence, drugs, and weapons with gangs in America, but law enforcement agencies across the country report a surprising new activity gang members have taken up: financial fraud. Authorities say major gangs are increasingly getting involved in … Continue reading

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As drug overdose deaths continue to increase in America, one extremely addicting illegal substance, heroin, has officials across the country concerned. Nationwide, overdose deaths caused by heroin almost quadrupled from 2002 to 2013, and the problem is continuing to grow. … Continue reading

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Cook County police recently arrested 79 “johns,” individuals looking to purchase sex, as part of a nationwide effort to combat prostitution. The johns were arrested in stings set up across the county. One sting, in Matteson late January, led to … Continue reading

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