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The new bill that lawmakers have introduced potentially will allow firearms on public transportation. Illinois representative, Jerry Costello, introduced the law to extend citizens Second Amendment rights to public transportation, citing that with the large percentage of the population relying … Continue reading

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Did you know that law enforcement agencies across the country use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for a variety of purposes? It should come as no surprise, considering data from a 2015 report from SocialTimes shows that … Continue reading

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Spring is a popular time for teen drinking. Prom, spring break, and graduation celebrations all provide opportunities for underage drinking, and advocates are encouraging parents to discuss the consequences of underage drinking with their children. Aside from physical and emotional … Continue reading

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Marijuana is a controversial substance in America. States like Oregon, Washington and Colorado have recently legalized recreational use of marijuana, and the stigma surrounding the substance seems to be slowly fading across the country. In Illinois, opinions are mixed. Despite … Continue reading

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