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For first-time criminal offenders, having a record expunged following a criminal arrest can make a huge difference in the overall outcome of the arrest experience. Expungement is essentially the erasing of criminal arrests or charges from one’s record. A cleared … Continue reading

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Being pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence is an unnerving experience regardless of the circumstances. When collision damage or injury is involved, the driver faces even greater challenges in a court of law, as penalties for DUI … Continue reading

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When discussing the subject of the various forms of theft, it is very common to hear the terms robbery and burglary used interchangeably. Many times, someone will say they were “robbed” when a thief broke into their home or vehicle … Continue reading

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Although internet fraud crimes may be common, they are never trivial for the person facing charges. While it is true that a majority of internet fraud offenses happen every day, the consequences of committing such crimes are far-reaching and often … Continue reading

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