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Chances are, if you have been accused of a money laundering crime, you were already aware of the seriousness of the crime before the allegations were filed against you, as it is an activity that has existed for many years. … Continue reading

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Like all kinds of fraud, identity theft crimes are costly for everyone involved. Some victims of identity theft may end up spending thousands of dollars and countless hours – often over the course of years – to restore their name … Continue reading

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Behaviors that are considered by law to be acts of domestic violence can range greatly, encompassing much more than physical acts of violence. Cutting off or taking complete control over a partner’s finances, belittling them by calling them names, or … Continue reading

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The prospect of having a criminal record expunged is an appealing one. For new offenders who have an otherwise spotless record, having anything blemish that record can be discouraging, especially when the potential long-term effects are considered. Having a criminal … Continue reading

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