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College students are returning to their campuses and parties will soon begin. Unfortunately, where there are parties there are also instances of sexual assault and violence. However, these instances can easily be prevented by abiding by college rules and policies. Sexual Assault … Continue reading

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The Internet has become the main hub for most Americans who rely on its convenience for shopping, interacting with others, and even researching specific topics. While the Internet is deemed mostly safe, and its use is becoming more common, ways … Continue reading

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Prostitution is a serious crime and carries significant consequences. Prostitution is defined as the act of a person who performs or offers to perform sex acts of any kind for money, property, or anything else of value. Prostitution can also … Continue reading

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Child pornography is a serious federal crime. Moreover, the use of child pornography can negatively impact all parties involved. A child who is forced into this act is often left with depression as he or she grows older. The person who … Continue reading

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