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Domestic violence and sexual violence is often perceived to be interchangeable. Sexual violence can occur by an otherwise trusted family member, spouse, or significant other at home. However, domestic violence and sexual violence are very distinct with different consequences. What … Continue reading

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As there are more and more people looking to buy homes, and technology is always evolving, the mortgage fraud rates have increased significantly. People are buying homes with the assumption that there will be no issues that follow. However, there … Continue reading

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For many years, drugs have had a negative impact on society, which is a huge cause of injuries, illnesses, and even deaths. Every day, over 50 people die in the United States from a prescription drug overdose, and over 120 … Continue reading

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Sexual assault, a long-time societal problem, can occur anywhere: at home, at work, on campus, in a public setting, and even in the military. Not only does sexual assault negatively impact the person affected, but also the person committing the … Continue reading

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