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Earlier this year, President Donald Trump announced that he was considering granting pardons to a handful of individuals accused of war crimes. While he has since stepped back from the plan to pardon, it had many questioning what constitutes a … Continue reading

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The federal government has investigated cases of healthcare fraud since the inception of programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. Historically though, they tended to focus on larger fraud schemes, typically occurring within huge corporations. Of course, the government is still … Continue reading

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When charged with a federal crime such as healthcare fraud, you may understand that you need an attorney, but you may not know which type of attorney you need. Federal crimes are very different than state crimes. The case will … Continue reading

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It was in April of 2019 when the Department of Justice indicted 24 people, many of them doctors, in a healthcare fraud scheme. These indictments largely had to do with the practice of telemedicine, a practice that if not done … Continue reading

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