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A wild story emerged recently about a man that lived as his dead relative for over a decade, at least when it came to the deceased’s Social Security benefits. The man tricked the government into thinking that the deceased man … Continue reading

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Recently, two men connected to a well-known attorney were charged with many offenses after it was found that they were trying to leave the country. One of these crimes was falsifying records to obstruct an investigation. This currently has people … Continue reading

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Federal firearm laws are complicated and carry harsh penalties. These laws are not only complex, but they also provide federal prosecutors with an immense arsenal of weapons when prosecuting those accused. This has resulted in a huge increase in prosecutions … Continue reading

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If you have been convicted of a federal crime such as embezzlement or a violation of The Controlled Substances Act, the next process you will face is sentencing. What happens during sentencing is incredibly important, as that is when the … Continue reading

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