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When the FBI announced this past year that bank fraud was on the rise, it did not come as a surprise to many. Today, information is kept on servers and computers, which skilled hackers can learn how to access to … Continue reading

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In early January, former Congressman Chris Collins was sentenced by a federal judge to over two years in prison for insider trading and making false statements to federal agents. The former congressman told his son that the results from the … Continue reading

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A conviction for healthcare fraud comes with very serious consequences. A person faces very high fines, and possibly even long sentences in federal prison. As such, it is important that anyone facing these charges understands that there are defenses available, … Continue reading

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Sometimes, people find themselves in such a bad situation that they become desperate. That was likely the case in late January when a man, believed to be between 20 and 30 years old, entered the Alaska USA Federal Credit Union … Continue reading

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