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Facing federal charges is a very upsetting and confusing thing. You may not know why you are being accused of the offense, and you are likely very stressed out about your future. All of these are very natural reactions, but … Continue reading

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ATM fraud is sometimes considered a state crime, but it is often charged on the federal level because banks are federally regulated and typically suffer harm as a result of the fraud. Other charges also often accompany charges of ATM … Continue reading

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The coronavirus has touched everyone in the country in some way, even those that have never tested positive or become exposed to the virus. Now, President Trump has signed an executive order making price gouging illegal. Under the Defense Production … Continue reading

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It is widely known that when a person is convicted of certain sex crimes, they must register on either a state or federal sex registry, or both. It is natural for people to want to avoid this registration. It can … Continue reading

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