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Pharmacists help people every day, providing the necessary medication that helps patients with their illnesses and injuries. Few pharmacists expect to receive a target letter or a federal subpoena and when they do, it is easy to imagine the worst-case … Continue reading

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Federal offenses are often misunderstood, mainly because people are more familiar with state crimes that are prosecuted at the state level. Federal crimes are those that violate federal law and, although state law often mirrors this law, there are times … Continue reading

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When most people think of tax fraud, they typically think of a person that tries to avoid paying the proper taxes they owe and then get charged with tax evasion. While that is certainly one type of criminal offense involving … Continue reading

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In its most basic form, perjury is defined as lying under oath and it is a federal offense. There are two federal statutes that define perjury. The first outlines general perjury, while the other defines making false declarations before a … Continue reading

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