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The offense of driving under the influence is typically a state charge, meaning a person will be tried in state court and if convicted, possibly have to serve time in state prison. There are times when these offenses are charged … Continue reading

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Ponzi schemes have become famous after news was made of Dona Branca’s scheme, the “Double Shah” and of course, the original Charles Ponzi scheme. Still, even though Ponzi schemes often make the news, few people really understand what they are, … Continue reading

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Learning that your loved one has been charged with a federal crime is very scary. You want to help, but you do not know how to do it, or what steps to take. You may also want to post bond … Continue reading

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Too often, people are charged with a federal offense, such as tax evasion or drug trafficking, and they quickly hire a lawyer that was recommended to them, or that they heard about from an advertisement. As the case progresses, the … Continue reading

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