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Just like with the state criminal justice system, if you have been convicted of a federal crime, you can also appeal it. Unlike appeals that happen at the state level though, federal appellate courts are much more difficult to understand … Continue reading

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When many people hear of the federal justice system, they may at first imagine tough United States attorneys and convictions that come with much harsher sentences in federal prison. Both of these are elements of the federal justice system, but … Continue reading

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The FBI has recently broken up a counterfeiting scheme involving fake iPhones and iPads. The scheme was a sophisticated one. Although the devices were fake, they contained the original International Mobile Equipment Identity numbers and serial numbers. These are nearly … Continue reading

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In late November, a story emerged from Missouri that involved an injured eagle. The University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine confirmed that an eagle was shot and injured, a rare injury for an eagle to sustain. Veterinarians have helped … Continue reading

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