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The Supreme Court recently handed down a decision that has been considered a win for those accused of crimes. In Carpenter v. United States, the high court ruled that in order for a government entity such as the police to … Continue reading

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It is surprising but true: child pornography sentences are longer than sex contact crimes perpetrated against minors such as rape or molestation. This holds true whether the convictions take place in state or federal court. Experts believe that this differential … Continue reading

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If you are convicted of a sex offense, you will likely have to register as a sex offender. Typically, on must remain registered for a minimum of ten years. Some convictions carry a lifetime registration requirement. As a sex offender, … Continue reading

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If you are suspected of or have been charged with child pornography possession or related crime, you may be wondering what possible sentences you will receive if you are convicted or plead guilty to child pornography charges. It is important … Continue reading

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