Illinois defense attorney, Illinois criminal law, Illinois criminal lawyer,Whatever criminal charges you may be facing, there are a number of potential penalties and sentences that may be served as you move forward with the court process. Whether you have been accused of various property crimes, such as retail theft, burglary, or robbery, or you have been involved with a serious violent crime, such as domestic abuse or sexual assault, the sentence you are served in response to your criminal offense can vary in scope, length, and detail. In some cases, you may be eligible for parole or probation, two avenues often used by the justice system in combination with standard prison sentences.

The Prison Alternative

Depending on the nature surrounding the circumstances of your offense, chances are you will be incarcerated on some level if you are guilty of serious criminal activity. Alternatives to prison time do exist, but your eligibility for such options will depend greatly on the severity of your offense and the nature of your charges. Probation and parole are two common alternatives to incarceration, but they are often mistakenly confused as the same thing.

Illinois defense attorney, Illinois criminal lawyer, Illinois criminal justice statutes,Innocent or not, having criminal charges filed against you is a very serious matter, and facing those charges can be stressful. The legal system in Illinois is complicated, and those with criminal charges have to navigate past obstacles, trials, pleadings, paperwork, and a variety of other serious legal procedures. While some may suggest that hiring a criminal defense attorney is not necessary, doing it on your own can be extremely challenging. Even those with legal knowledge may not be equipped to handle their own criminal case. Do not go through this stressful time alone. A skilled criminal defense attorney can help ease your anxiety and help you navigate the complexities of the legal system. Here we explore a few of the many benefits a criminal defense attorney can provide to you and your case. They Understand the Criminal Justice System A criminal defense attorney is the best support anyone facing criminal charges can have. A qualified attorney will have experience navigating the legal system, and will be able to help their clients in numerous ways. They are specialized in criminal law, and can help their clients build a strong case. They will help you review evidence, and will also ensure to take advantage of any legal loopholes that may work in your benefit. Additionally, an experienced criminal defense attorney will likely know the prosecution, the judges, and other members of the criminal law system. This knowledge and experience will help an attorney build a stronger case, and they may be able to make agreements with the prosecution to reduce harsh penalties or ask for leniency. They Can Help You Strategize A good defense requires strategy. A criminal defense attorney can review your case and help you design a strong strategy for your defense. In preparation for trial, they may conduct their own investigations, make negotiations, and use a variety of other tactics to help their client get a beneficial outcome. They Will Take Action Quickly In many instances, the longer a criminal case lasts, the lower your chances of success. An attorney can help you take action immediately, which can provide a more beneficial outcome. If you wait to seek help, you are simply allowing the prosecutors a chance to build a stronger case against you. Additionally, because a defense attorney has experience with the legal system, they can help you navigate the process quickly and accurately. They Have a Team Behind Them Building a good defense is not easy matter, and requires serious work beforehand. Fortunately, when you hire a criminal defense attorney, you will also benefit from the staff they have behind them. Gathering and reviewing evidence, finding experts to testify on your behalf, seeking out witnesses, and preparing important documents all take time, and an experienced criminal defense attorney should have a qualified staff who are able to help. They Can Protect You It is common for prosecutors to dole out harsh penalties to those accused of committing a crime. A criminal defense attorney can help protect you from any unfair sentencing, and will fight to reduce any consequences you may be facing. Also, keep in mind that once you hire an attorney, all contact with law enforcement has to go through your lawyer first. This will help protect you from any encounters with law enforcement where you may be pressured or intimidated into saying something damaging.

Do not leave your fate in the hands of someone inexperienced. When facing criminal charges, your future and the future of your family could be on the line. At the Law Offices of Hal M. Garfinkel LLC, Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney, our attorneys have experience handling a wide variety of criminal cases. Hal himself is a former Illinois prosecutor, and he and his team will work to serve you in any way possible. Contact a skilled Chicago criminal defense attorney today at 312-629-0669 to schedule your free consultation.


prostitution, Chicago Criminal Defense AttorneyOklahoma City prosecutors recently charged two people with prostitution-related crimes—all thanks to witness-collected drone footage. The precedent setting incident, which occurred in November, is one of the first times in history that authorities have used drone collected footage to prosecute on prostitution-related charges.

Using his drone, a concerned Oklahoma City resident and self proclaimed ‘anti-prostitution activist’ captured footage of a sexual encounter between a local prostitute and a john, and he then turned the footage over to local authorities. County officials were able to use the footage to press charges against both people involved.

Law enforcement officials across the country do not typically employ drones, as laws surrounding the use of drones are still emerging. In most situations, authorities would need a warrant before using a drone to collect footage to be used in a case. However, civilians are able to use drones much more freely. Since it was a citizen that collected and submitted the footage to local officials, charges were able to be pressed against both parties.


assault, sports official, Illinois Criminal Defense LawyerA pair of San Antonio, Texas, high school football players have been suspended indefinitely following an incident in which they apparently attacked a game official during live play. Video shows the official, who was observing the play from behind most of the action, get hit hard and tackled by one of the players. The other player can be seen following the hit with a “spear”—direct contact with the crown of the helmet—while the official laid on the ground.

By all accounts, the hits appeared to be completely intentional and unrelated to the immediately occurring play on the field. There has much speculation as to the impetus behind the players’ actions, but nothing has yet been confirmed. Reports from the school district and the University Interscholastic League (UIL) indicate that investigations into the incident are ongoing, but that the players have been suspended both from the team and from school. The UIL, the state’s governing body for school sports, is expected to participate in a due process hearing in the near future. Local police are also investigating, and criminal charges related to the hits are possible.

Assault Against a Sports Official


online security, spear phishing, Illinois Criminal Defense AttorneyWhile families and couples around the country deal with the fallout of the recent data dump of affair-seeking website Ashley Madison subscriber information, cybersecurity experts fear that the door may have been opened for hackers to access more sensitive data maintained by the federal government. By using a technique known as “spear phishing,” hackers may be able to develop information about weaknesses or potential breach points in federal computer systems, possibly leading to future attacks.

Last month’s leak made public the personal information of an estimated 37 million subscribers to the site which openly facilitates adulterous activity. According to reports, some 15,000 military or federal officials created accounts on the site using their government-issued email addresses, including nearly 900 .gov addresses and more than 40 associated with the White House. Hundreds were found to have access their messages and pay membership fees using internet connections in federal offices.

Online security specialists point out that even a single fake message from Ashley Madison opened on a government computer could potentially have infected the entire network with malware. In the world of cybersecurity, attempts to acquire sensitive information via computer network is known as “phishing.” With its more direct approach and specific targets, the generation a false alerts or messages containing harmful pieces of code, or malware, is referred to as spear phishing. Because opening the message is a “voluntary” action, spear phishing often allows malware to go undetected by network security efforts. Malware can potentially offer a hacker access to the government system, which can cause potential economic damage, but creating more serious concerns of espionage.

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