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Marijuana is a controversial substance in America. States like Oregon, Washington and Colorado have recently legalized recreational use of marijuana, and the stigma surrounding the substance seems to be slowly fading across the country. In Illinois, opinions are mixed. Despite … Continue reading

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With the recent opening of a few medical marijuana dispensaries in Illinois, some concerned citizens and substance abuse experts are worried. Will more easily accessed pot lead to abuse by children and teens? Some say yes, and argue that as … Continue reading

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With recent efforts to at least decriminalize marijuana, along with the introduction of a pilot program for the medical use of marijuana, Illinois seems to be remaining fairly contemporary regarding popular opinion about the drug. As one of 23 states … Continue reading

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It has been more than 21 months since the Illinois medical marijuana pilot program officially went into effect. However, the program, which was designed to provide insight into how the state and society would be affected by medicinal use of … Continue reading

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