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Restitution is a common punishment in federal criminal cases. A judge may order a convicted defendant to compensate the victims of his or her crimes. While we commonly think of victims as individuals, the government itself may also be a … Continue reading

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In an age where almost everything can be done via computer, computer fraud is treated as a very serious criminal offense in Illinois and across the country. Computer fraud can be committed in a number of ways and carries various … Continue reading

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Right before midnight on October 13th, there was a car crash on the east side of Aurora.  The crash left three people dead and another five injured, when a Dodge Charger drifted into the other lane into a full minivan.  … Continue reading

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Christopher Shoji, 25, of North Center, was charged with murder and misdemeanor cannabis production, after allegedly stabbing his best friend to death in an incident involving an argument over a marijuana plant, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. The incident occurred … Continue reading

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