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Addiction has always been a factor in many cases in the criminal justice system. Approximately 65 percent of those in jail are known to have a substance use disorder. However, the opioid epidemic has created higher stakes due to the … Continue reading

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If you answer a knock at the door of your home, and a police officer or other law enforcement agent is on your front steps, do you know your rights? Over the years, we have seen many people expose themselves … Continue reading

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Online solicitation of a minor is a crime that is aggressively tried by federal prosecutors. If you are convicted, you could face many years in prison. You also may be facing personal consequences like marriage difficulties and social ostracization. For … Continue reading

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It is surprising but true: child pornography sentences are longer than sex contact crimes perpetrated against minors such as rape or molestation. This holds true whether the convictions take place in state or federal court. Experts believe that this differential … Continue reading

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