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There are many times in a person’s life where he or she will need to repay student loans, credit card debts, and/or a mortgage. Even though some of these events, such as buying a home, can be a very exciting … Continue reading

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In a period of about 15 hours, beginning this past Monday night, 14 people were shot in the Chicago area, including six who were killed. The shootings come on the heels of two consecutive weekends in which more than 50 … Continue reading

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Restitution is a common punishment in federal criminal cases. A judge may order a convicted defendant to compensate the victims of his or her crimes. While we commonly think of victims as individuals, the government itself may also be a … Continue reading

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GPTechnology makes police surveillance much easier and, consequently, personal privacy much more difficult to retain. Courts struggle to define the scope of personal privacy protected by the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution. Even the United States Supreme Court … Continue reading

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