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Since the Internet has grown over the past fifteen years, individuals are now able to sell their home or rent part of their home out to others. Even though, with the use of the Internet, communication has been made a … Continue reading

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The use of the Internet has evolved greatly over the past five years. We frequently use social media to interact with our family and friends. During the long Thanksgiving weekend, we are likely going to use the Internet to go … Continue reading

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Money laundering is a serious crime that involves the misuse of finances from certain properties. There are several ways that money laundering can occur, and this act can lead to unwanted consequences for both the person who committed the crime … Continue reading

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Prostitution is a serious crime and carries significant consequences. Prostitution is defined as the act of a person who performs or offers to perform sex acts of any kind for money, property, or anything else of value. Prostitution can also … Continue reading

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