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Identity theft is a very serious crime that can come with unwanted consequences. This type of crime may destroy your life, as you may spend time in jail, pay hefty fines, and even lose future employment opportunities. As for the … Continue reading

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We are now approaching tax season, and many of us are not looking forward to getting them filed. Over the past few years, since the evolution of technology, the number of people affected by identity theft has increased, and that … Continue reading

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Whether someone discovers a credit card account has been opened up under their name that they never applied for, or find out their card number has been stolen and used for purchases they never authorized, dealing with any form of … Continue reading

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The Internet has become the main hub for most Americans who rely on its convenience for shopping, interacting with others, and even researching specific topics. While the Internet is deemed mostly safe, and its use is becoming more common, ways … Continue reading

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