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Cook County police recently arrested 79 “johns,” individuals looking to purchase sex, as part of a nationwide effort to combat prostitution. The johns were arrested in stings set up across the county. One sting, in Matteson late January, led to … Continue reading

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Abandoned buildings and vacant lots are frequently criminal hot spots. As Chicago officials search for ways to reduce crime within the city, the Chicago Department of Buildings has initiated their plan to demolish over 900 vacant homes and board up … Continue reading

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Oklahoma City prosecutors recently charged two people with prostitution-related crimes—all thanks to witness-collected drone footage. The precedent setting incident, which occurred in November, is one of the first times in history that authorities have used drone collected footage to prosecute on prostitution-related … Continue reading

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The recent arrest of a Chicago man on charges that he sexually assaulted a prostitute has created a firestorm of controversy over what constitutes rape and the perceived rights of sex workers. The matter is beginning receive a measure of … Continue reading

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