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Under the Fourth Amendment, investigators must have a search warrant in order to search your home. When a judge gives them this warrant, you have no choice but to allow them into your home to search within the provisions of … Continue reading

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The Supreme Court recently handed down a decision that has been considered a win for those accused of crimes. In Carpenter v. United States, the high court ruled that in order for a government entity such as the police to … Continue reading

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Innocent or not, having criminal charges filed against you is a very serious matter, and facing those charges can be stressful. The legal system in Illinois is complicated, and those with criminal charges have to navigate past obstacles, trials, pleadings, … Continue reading

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In recent months the nation has grappled with the question of police tactics and the use of force by law enforcement officers. Are police becoming too much like a military force that oppresses as opposed to a community presence that … Continue reading

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