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Illinois defense attorney, Illinois criminal lawyer, Cook County defense lawyerCyberstalking has been an ongoing issue for many years. With the evolution of the Internet and overall technology, there have been easier ways to target specific social groups using media. In January 2018, cyberstalking has become a hate crime, which may lead to serious consequences if an individual is caught cyberstalking and targeting certain groups.

What Is Cyberstalking?

Cyberstalking is defined as when a person uses electronic communication, such as email, text messages, and social media, to direct a specific person or target group, causing the target to fear for safety or suffer from emotional distress. Cyberstalking could also be defined as when a person uses electronic communication to cause a threat of potential bodily harm, sexual assault, confinement, or restraint of threat. Cyberstalking often causes enough emotional trauma that would allow for the person on the receiving end to fear for his or her safety.


Illinois federal crimes attorney, Illinois criminal attorney, Illinois defense lawyer,Over the past few years, hate crimes have been considered one of the biggest issues faced by society and have been a major topic on social media. There are several different forms of hate crimes that can be committed, as many different groups may be targeted. Nevertheless, the act of committing a hate crime is very serious, leading to many unwanted penalties.

Hate Crime Statistics

A hate crime is defined as when a specific demographic is selected as a target for certain types of crimes. The demographics could include people of a different race, gender, sexual orientation, and religion.

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