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Chicago federal gun charge defense lawyerThe laws that governĀ firearms on a federal level can be very complex, and a conviction on federal firearms charges can lead to serious criminal penalties. In addition, these laws also give prosecutors a variety of ways to prosecute those suspected of such offenses. As a result, federal prosecution of gun-related crimes has increased in recent decades. With this in mind, it is important to understand the law and how it might apply if you are ever facing federal weapons charges.

Illegal Selling of Firearms

There are a number of federal statutes that pertain to selling firearms, including requirements for licensing and the restriction of moving certain types of firearms from one state to another. Under Title 18, Section 922 (a) of the United States Code, it is illegal to sell firearms across state lines unless the seller has a license to do so. If you are convicted of interstate selling of firearms without a license, you could face five years in federal prison.

Licensed weapons dealers could also face federal criminal charges for selling a firearm to anyone who is not legally allowed to own a firearm under federal or state law. This includes prospective buyers who do not meet the age requirements for buying a gun, as well as those who have had their right to own or possess a firearm restricted by a domestic violence-related order of protection. A licensed dealer who sells weapons illegally could face up to ten years in prison and the loss of his or her license.


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Illinois defense attorney, Illinois criminal lawyer, Chicago crime statistics,Memorial Day weekend is almost here, and many individuals have made plans to relax and enjoy some time off from work. While the majority of individuals try to make Memorial Day weekend as peaceful as possible, the three-day weekend at the end of May can be cause for concern, especially in major cities where gun violence tends to be more prevalent. When there is not much to do anywhere, the chances of gun violence have greatly increased.

A Look into the Memorial Day Weekend Shootings in Chicago

Last year, in 2017, seven individuals were killed due to gun violence in the city of Chicago. Another 45 individuals were injured because of gun violence. Nearly half of all individuals wounded or killed were shot on Monday, Memorial Day.

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