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Illinois federal crimes attorney, Illinois criminal attorney, Illinois defense lawyer,Domestic violence and sexual violence is often perceived to be interchangeable. Sexual violence can occur by an otherwise trusted family member, spouse, or significant other at home. However, domestic violence and sexual violence are very distinct with different consequences.

What Is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is defined as the occurrence of when a partner or family member abuses another person physically, emotionally, financially, or sexually. The violence may occur only once, but is normally behavior that is repeated.


Illinois defense attorney, Illinois criminal law, Illinois criminal lawyer,In the United States, a woman is beaten every fifteen seconds, and at least ninety-five percent of all domestic violence cases involve a man beating a woman. With statistics like these, it is no wonder that the law takes domestic abuse seriously. Criminal domestic violence allegations are capable of affecting a person’s livelihood, reputation, and emotional wellbeing, and sadly, there are times when a number of these allegations are a result of misleading - or entirely false - reports by the other domestic partner.

Men More at Risk for Facing  Domestic Violence Charges

While men also fall victim to abuse, statistics illuminate the overwhelming reality that women are typically the ones to be abused in relationships. Due to this trend and the statistics that consistently back it up, a significant amount of men who are truly innocent of such offenses often find themselves up against serious criminal charges when allegations are brought against them.


Illinois defense attorney, Illinois criminal lawyer, Illinois domestic violence attorney, Can psychedelic drugs like LSD and mushrooms help combat domestic violence? Possibly, at least according to recently released findings from the University of British Columbia’s Centre for the Advancement of Psychological Science and Law. The researchers studied a group of male inmates from an Illinois county jail, and their findings may indicate a future potential for using psychedelic drugs as a tool to prevent domestic violence.

More Tripping, Less Violence?

The researchers followed a group of over 300 newly released Illinois inmates for over six years using FBI records, tracking any run-ins they had with law enforcement. Prior to their release, each of the inmates indicated they had histories of substance abuse, and 72 percent of the inmates had some type of violent crime in their past. The inmates were monitored over the course of six years after their release.


cost of domestic violence, Chicago Criminal Defense AttorneyDomestic violence affects millions of Americans each year, leading many to physical and mental health problems, loss of productivity, and for thousands of people each year, death. Domestic violence is a problem that affects all of us. In financial terms, domestic violence and abuse costs billions of dollars each year in the United States alone.

Now, experts and advocates across the country are calling for increased awareness from citizens, employers, and health care professionals, in hopes of drastically reducing the number of victims.

Why is Domestic Violence an Issue?


domestic abuse, domestic violence, Illinois Criminal Defense AttorneyIt is hard to deny the importance of strict domestic violence laws. It is a problem that continues to thrive despite various efforts at education and prevention. Laws and regulations are necessary to protect men, women and children from the abuse that can come from those closest to them. Unfortunately, these necessary laws are often abused and manipulated to punish innocent people. The allegations of a family member are taken as truth, without adequate investigation or trial in a court of law. When this occurs, innocent people are unfairly subjected to legal processes that restrict their liberties, making the assistance of an experienced attorney vital from the very first allegation of domestic abuse.

Illinois Domestic Abuse Laws

The Illinois Attorney General describes the state's definition of domestic violence as a situation where an individual is “hit, choked, kicked, threatened, harassed or had their liberty personal liberty interfered with by a family or household member.” Abuse also includes incidents where children are forced to watch acts of abuse, as well as incidents in which disabled individuals are denied access to necessary care. To fully understand the breadth of this law, it is important to consider the legal definitions of family member or household member, which are much broader than the traditional meanings. The state of Illinois classifies the following relationships as family or household members:

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