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Illionois defense attorney,  Illinois criminal defense lawyerPharmacists help people every day, providing the necessary medication that helps patients with their illnesses and injuries. Few pharmacists expect to receive a target letter or a federal subpoena and when they do, it is easy to imagine the worst-case scenarios. While pharmacists are often the target of prescription drug fraud investigations, it is important not to panic. There are defenses available for these cases and ways you can protect yourself.

Becoming Involved in the Government’s Investigation

Once you learn that you are under federal investigation, it is easy to want to wait it out, hope for the best, and see what happens. This is a big mistake. The Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) are overzealous in their investigations and they cannot go unchecked. A lawyer can ensure that the investigation is being conducted in accordance with the law and that you do not provide more to the investigators than you are legally obligated to.


Illionois defense attorney,  Illinois criminal defense lawyerFederal offenses are often misunderstood, mainly because people are more familiar with state crimes that are prosecuted at the state level. Federal crimes are those that violate federal law and, although state law often mirrors this law, there are times when the crime has certain elements that make it a federal offense. A drug crime, for example, violates state law but if the crime involves a border crossing, it becomes a federal crime. Drug offenses are one of the most common federal crimes, as are weapons crimes and white-collar crimes.

Drug Crimes

Any offense that violates the federal Controlled Substances Act is considered a federal crime. Drug crimes are some of the most common offenses at the state level too, but there are some significant differences between the two. For example, while many states have legalized marijuana use, even in these states it is illegal to consume the drug on federal property. If someone was found consuming marijuana on federal property, they could face federal charges, although it would be unlikely.


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Illinois defense attorney, Illinois criminal justice system, Illinois criminal lawyer,Both Illinois and the federal government have laws prohibiting drug possession, distribution, and manufacture. Thus, any of these activities could be prosecuted by the state or federal authorities.

If you have been charged with a drug crime, how is it decided if you will be tried in state or federal court? Every case is different, but there are a variety of ways your case could end up in the federal system.

There are a variety of factors that could determine the state or federal issue:


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Illinois defense attorney, Illinois criminal lawyer, Cook County defense lawyerThe majority of people know that illegal drugs can be especially harmful to their bodies. Being charged with a drug crime, such as possession of cocaine, is a very serious offense, which can have an adverse effect on your future employment opportunities, relationships with loved ones, and your health, to name a few. To be better educated on the negative effects of drugs, it is best to understand how drugs affect your body.

What Is Cocaine and What Is Its Effects on the Body?

Cocaine is an illegal drug that can be snorted, smoked, or injected. Within seconds, this drug will affect the brain and major organs. When cocaine is used, the user’s pupils will dilate due to increased serotonin levels in the brain. The user’s heart rate and blood pressure will increase, and the blood vessels will constrict, making the user start to feel warm. As the arteries constrict, blood flow may be blocked and could potentially cause a heart attack to occur.


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drug-chargesIn Illinois and the United States, drugs have always been a societal problem. Even though drugs still negatively affect many lives today, there has been a massive change in the use of drugs over the past several years. According to the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), there has been a sharp increase in drug seizures for certain types of drugs, and a decrease in other types.

Overview of Drug Arrests in the United States

The number of arrests made for the use of drugs has slightly increased from 2006 to 2015. As of now, there is no supporting data for the years 2016 and 2017. For the years 2007 and 2008, the number of arrests has decreased, but then the number has gone up in 2009 and has stayed around the same number.

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