Chicago Criminal Appeals Lawyer

Chicago Criminal Appeals Lawyer

Your Dedicated Advocate for Criminal Appeals in Chicago, IL

Were you unjustly accused and convicted of a serious state or federal criminal offense in Illinois? Were you unable to retain competent counsel for the credible defense you deserved? Do you want to rectify that negative outcome once and for all, with the assistance of a criminal appeals attorney who possesses a successful track record?

Reach out to Hal M. Garfinkel,the well-known Chicago criminal defense and appeals attorney who will work hard to get your conviction off your record and out of your life.

No lawyer investigates a case more deeply; no attorney can argue on your behalf more persuasively. Above all, no criminal appeals advocate is more available to you and your concerns than Hal M. Garfinkel. His aggressive nature and 24/7 accessibility will give you the confidence you need to go on.

Phone, fax or e-mail attorney Garfinkel's Chicago law offices at your soonest convenience. He will come to you to hear the details of your situation in a free initial consultation.

Aggressive, Accessible and Affordable Criminal Appeals Defense

Mr. Garfinkel's skill in defending you at the various criminal courts of appeal covers every kind of applicable criminal conviction and extends into the following jurisdictions and topics:

  • Federal appeals
  • Illinois state appeals
  • Illinois post-conviction
  • Federal habeas corpus

Many federal and Illinois state criminal appeals clients did not have access to the best representation of their rights and interests at their original trials. This causes clients to seek out more accomplished and well-known attorneys to clean up the mess left by others. Attorney Garfinkel has proven that he can right the previous wrongs you suffered and get successful results for you and your family.

Your legal problems have gone on long enough. If you have been charged, tried and convicted of a crime, you may want to challenge the court's ruling. To do so, you will need to file an appeal with the appropriate Illinois appellate court. An appellate court may be your last chance and final stop before prison. For an aggressive criminal appeals attorney contact the Chicago Law Offices of Hal M. Garfinkel LLC, Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney today.

Call Today for Appeals Assistance

It is the rare Illinois defense lawyer who can be as persuasive and effective at the appeals level as he or she can be at trial. But that can be said for Chicago's Hal M. Garfinkel. You will appreciate the experience, aggressiveness and creativity he brings to the task of protecting your post-conviction interests.

Mr. Garfinkel's highly praised 24/7 availability includes the offer of a free initial consultation secured by phone, fax or e-mail; off-site visits at police stations or jails; and participation in bond or bail hearings. Whatever your need, whether it be pre-trial, trial or appeals, contact Hal M. Garfinkel today.

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