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Several different types of charges are grouped into the category that is informally known as "white-collar crimes." Typically, these offenses involve the theft or misuse of someone else's financial information with the intent of defrauding a person or organization of money or property. Identity theft is one of the key charges that is included in this category, and while it may be charged at the state level, a person may also face federal criminal charges, and a conviction can result in a lengthy prison sentence and other consequences.

For those who are accused of committing identity theft, securing representation from a skilled and experienced attorney is one of the most crucial steps they can take during their defense. Attorney Hal M. Garfinkel has been representing defendants in criminal cases for more than 20 years, and he has tried a wide variety of different types of cases in both state and federal courts. He aggressively advocates on behalf of his clients, ensuring that their rights are protected at all times while helping them determine the best strategy for achieving a successful outcome to their case.

Federal Prosecution for Identity Theft

There are multiple different types of activities that can lead to identity theft charges, and these cases usually involve accusations that a person has illegally obtained someone else's personal identifying information and sold or transferred that information to someone else or used it to defraud one or more people.

Identity theft is often charged together with offenses such as credit card fraud or wire fraud. For example, a person may be accused of communicating with someone over phones or email and using false pretenses to obtain their Social Security number, which would be considered wire fraud, then committing identity theft by using that information to obtain a loan. In other situations, a person may have allegedly used a misleading website to obtain a person's credit card number, which would be credit card fraud, and then sold that information to someone else, which would be identity theft.

A person may face identity theft charges if they knowingly possess, transfer, or use someone else's identifying information without lawful authority and with the intent to commit fraud or engage in other types of illegal activity. Federal charges may apply in cases where an offense involved interstate or foreign commerce, such as when a person allegedly obtained someone else's information in one state and sold it to a person in another state. Identity theft may also be charged as a federal crime if a person allegedly stole a person's identifying information and used it to violate federal laws or commit a felony offense under state or local laws.

A conviction on federal identity theft charges can result in a prison sentence of up to 15 years, although a sentence may be increased to 20 years if an offense allegedly involved drug trafficking or violent crimes. A person may also be subject to fines and the forfeiture of any money or property obtained through illegal activity.

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Identity theft charges can be very serious, especially if a person is prosecuted in federal courts. In these situations, it is crucial to have legal representation from a lawyer who knows how to respond to federal prosecutors and how to build an effective defense strategy. Attorney Hal Garfinkel has handled multiple types of cases involving accusations of white collar crimes, and he provides his clients with skilled advocacy, helping them avoid a conviction when possible or determine the best ways to minimize the consequences to their lives, their finances, and their freedom. Contact us 24 hours a day at 312-629-0669 to set up a free consultation either in our office or at another location. Mr. Garfinkel can meet with you at any time, including during evenings or on weekends.

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