Chicago Robbery and Burglary Lawyer

Chicago Robbery and Burglary Lawyer

In Illinois, robbery and burglary charges are taken very seriously and aggressively prosecuted. Depending on the circumstances and severity of these crimes, convictions can result in lengthy prison sentences and expensive fines among other consequences. If you face robbery or burglary charges, the counsel and representation of an experienced criminal defense attorney is the only way to make sure your rights are protected. At the Law Office of Hal M. Garfinkel in Chicago, Illinois, we aggressively represent and protect our clients.

Aggressive, Accessible and Affordable Robbery and Burglary Defense

Robbery and burglary are two of the most serious theft crimes. Between the two, robbery is the most serious. Robbery is charged when someone is accused of taking property from someone using force or the threat of force. If a dangerous weapon is involved, the charge will be a Class 1 felony, which carries severe penalties. If you are accused of robbery, you need an attorney who is experienced in handling these charges and effectively resolving criminal cases. A former prosecutor, Attorney Hal M. Garfinkel knows what it takes to successfully defend individuals charged with robbery.

Burglary is charged when someone is accused of breaking and entering into someone else’s premises without permission with the intent to steal property. This is typically considered a Class 2 felony in Illinois. If the premise involved is someone’s home, it may be charged as a Class 1 felony residential burglary. Both offenses can result in significant jail time. With so much at stake, it’s crucial to hire an attorney who is prepared to aggressively represent you both in and out of court. Mr. Garfinkel has over 20 years of experience in criminal law and a long history of effective advocacy.

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