Chicago Sex Crime Attorney

Chicago Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer

Chicago Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer

Have you been charged with a sex crime? Is it the kind of serious criminal offense that can stop your life in its tracks? What kind of criminal defense leadership would you choose to handle allegations of predatory behavior, solicitation or rape?

You can find all the right answers regarding your sex crime charge at the law practice of Hal M. Garfinkel. He's a former prosecutor and is now a successful defense lawyer whose participation in a number of recent high-profile cases has carved out an impressive reputation throughout Illinois.

Defense lawyers do not come more knowledgeable and passionate about your rights or as available to his clients as Mr. Garfinkel. He is never far from your phone, fax or e-mail, whether it's to schedule a free initial consultation about the details of your case or to address a pressing issue or question that might arise.

Contact his law offices as soon as possible if a sex crimes charge looms large in your life. He can help.

Aggressive, Accessible, Affordable Sex Crimes Defense

Categories in the sex crimes offense field have expanded in recent years and Mr. Garfinkel's services in this area have expanded with it, including defenses for:

Throughout this serious tour of the legal process, Mr. Garfinkel will be by your side with wise counsel for you and creative strategies that frustrate your accusers. He can represent you in bond or bail hearings in the beginnings of your relationship and argue your appeal, if necessary. In between, you can expect the kind of quality pre-trial and courtroom defense for which he's best-known.

Take that necessary first step toward remedying your legal situation, and ridding your life of sex crimes charges that can ruin an individual and family name. Reach out to the Hal M. Garfinkel law offices in Chicago. He has shown that he can help.

Meet Hal M. Garfinkel

Your all-important first visit with this well-known veteran of the Chicago criminal defense circle could be the initial step in working towards full freedom for you, especially if you are facing serious sex offense charges. Contact Mr. Garfinkel's law offices today by phone, fax or e-mail to set up your free initial consultation.

Mr. Garfinkel is one Illinois attorney who will not rest until you have received your "day in court." And his 24/7 availability can work for you too, with off-site meetings at jails and police stations, detention, bond or bail hearings.

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