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There are multiple reasons why a person may face criminal charges related to the theft of someone else's property. Whether these property crimes are charged as misdemeanors or felonies will often depend on the value of the property that was allegedly stolen. However, there are some situations where the theft of property could result in accusations of violent crimes, which are much more serious offenses that may result in high-level felonies. Carjacking is one such offense, and those who are facing these types of allegations will need to understand their rights and their options for defense.

If you are facing criminal charges for carjacking or other types of violent crimes, it is crucial to obtain legal representation as soon as possible. With more than 20 years of legal experience working as both a prosecutor and a criminal defense lawyer, Attorney Hal M. Garfinkel can provide you with the legal help you need. He will make sure you understand the nature of the offense you are accused of, and he will work with you to build an effective defense strategy that will allow you to avoid being convicted or reduce the potential consequences to your life and freedom.

Vehicular Hijacking and Related Offenses

A person may be charged with robbery if they take another person's property through the use of force or by threatening to cause harm. Robbery is usually charged as a Class 2 felony, although more serious felony charges may apply if a person was carrying a firearm or other deadly weapon. If a person takes a motor vehicle from someone else through the use or threat of force, this is known as vehicular hijacking or carjacking, which is a more serious offense than robbery.

Vehicular hijacking is a Class 1 felony, and a person who is convicted of these charges may be sentenced to between four and 15 years in prison. A charge may be increased to aggravated vehicular hijacking if the alleged victim had a disability or was over the age of 60, if there was a passenger in the vehicle who was under the age of 16, or if the alleged offender was carrying a firearm or another dangerous weapon. Aggravated vehicular hijacking is a Class X felony, and a person who is convicted of this offense may be sentenced to between six and 30 years in prison. If a person was carrying a firearm when they allegedly committed vehicular hijacking, 15 years will be added to their prison sentence. If they discharged a firearm, they will face an additional 20 years in prison, and if this resulted in great bodily harm, permanent disability, disfigurement, or death, they will face an additional 25 years in prison.

Even if a person's actions would not be considered carjacking, they could face other types of criminal charges. Vehicular invasion involves using force to enter or reach into another person's vehicle with the intent of committing theft or another felony offense while the vehicle is occupied by one or more people. Vehicular invasion is a Class 1 felony. If a person allegedly stole someone else's vehicle without using force or threats, they may face charges of motor vehicle theft. If the vehicle was worth at least $500, this offense will be charged as a felony.

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Carjacking is a very serious offense, and a conviction can result in a lengthy prison sentence, as well as up to $25,000 in fines. If you have been accused of carjacking or another violent crime, Hal M. Garfinkel can help you understand your legal options, and he will provide you with a skilled and dedicated defense throughout your case. To arrange a free consultation, contact our office by calling 312-629-0669. We are available 24/7 to meet your needs, and Mr. Garfinkel can travel to meet you at a jail or police station or anywhere else that is convenient for you.

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