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Although being caught with a small amount of marijuana in your possession may only count as a civil infraction, particularly if the amount is less than 10 grams, it is important to understand that most drug possession charges are felonies and can result in severe penalties.

Even more, courts may increase fines and double your jail sentence if you are caught selling marijuana near a school, place of worship, public park or even the mall. If convicted for drug possession of marijuana, not only could your criminal record be viewed by potential employers, but you may also be required by law, to attend a drug treatment program.

As a former prosecutor and now criminal defense attorney, Hal M. Garfinkel, draws upon more than 20 years of experience as a criminal attorney, to give his clients the advantage in court. By carefully analyzing the police reports and utilizing tough cross-examination techniques, Hal M. Garfinkel has one goal in mind; to destroy the state’s evidence and prove your innocence.

Aggressive Marijuana Defense Representation-Chicago, Illinois

Being charged with possession of marijuana or any type of drug offense involving controlled substances, can result in a long-term jail sentence. Why even take the risk of going to jail when you can have smart criminal defense attorney, Hal M. Garfinkel, to help protect your rights?

Chicago defense attorney, Hal M. Garfinkel, is available to his client’s 24/7. He will put his experience and knowledge to work for you. Not only will he take your call, but he will show up at the police station or anywhere you may be detained, to ensure your rights are protected.

Need an Attorney to Fight for You?

Contact the Law Offices of Hal M. Garfinkel LLC, Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney in Chicago, Illinois, if you’ve been charged with possession of marijuana. Representing clients in Dupage County, Cook County, Will County and Lake County, Illinois, Hal M. Garfinkel can offer you smart, aggressive criminal defense. Call to schedule a free initial consultation. Hal M. Garfinkel is available 24/7 by phone, fax, or email.

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