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Aggressive Defense for Multiple DUI Offenders in Illinois

One DUI offense can suspend your driving privileges. A second or third DUI can be charged as a felony and mean up to six years in an Illinois prison.

Multiple DUIs are serious. When you need serious legal representation, count on Chicago attorney Hal M. Garfinkel to protect your rights.

Hal M. Garfinkel, a former prosecutor with 20 years of experience, has a track record of success in defending clients against drinking and driving charges. He understands how to creatively and effectively attack the basis of the prosecution's case. If you are being charged as a repeat offender, Mr. Garfinkel will provide the aggressive DUI defense you want and need.

Past clients and opposing counsel agree: Hal M. Garfinkel is one of the top lawyers to have in a criminal case. Contact his Chicago law offices now to schedule a free consultation.

Aggressive and Unyielding Drunk Driving Defense

Illinois is harsh on repeat drunk drivers. Unlike after a first DUI/DWI offense, there is little freedom to negotiate for a lesser charge. Additionally, the penalties are severe and are not easily mitigated.

When you contact attorney Hal M. Garfinkel, he will do everything possible to obtain the best possible result on your behalf. He will provide you with the aggressive defense you need from the start to finish.

Experienced Illinois DUI Defense Lawyer

Mr. Garfinkel uses his experience and knowledge to effectively represent those accused of drinking and driving in Chicago, Oak Park, Orland Park, Calumet City and other cities throughout the state. He is skilled at putting together a creative defense that aims to lessen the impact of multiple drunk-driving charges. Whenever possible, Mr. Garfinkel will:

  • Challenge Breathalyzer results by raising questions as to the maintenance of the machine and the certification of the operator
  • Challenge other evidence of his clients' blood alcohol content (BAC) at the time of driving
  • Provide a careful analysis of police testimony, as well as any video recordings or eye witness testimony of the DUI arrest
  • Negotiate with prosecutors to eliminate additional traffic offenses charged in relation to the DUI

Mr. Garfinkel also represents his clients in driver's license reinstatement hearings, if they suffered a revoked or suspended license.

24/7 Availability

People don't just need an attorney during business hours. That is why Mr. Garfinkel is available around the clock by phone, fax or e-mail. Contact his Chicago law offices right away to schedule a free initial consultation. This may be the first step in protecting your freedom.

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