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There’s no doubt that being arrested and charged for a criminal offense affects your credibility and has a major impact on all areas of your life. Regardless if the charges were dropped and you were released from jail, the fact remains that a public record of your criminal offense still exists, whereby potential employers can choose whether or not to hire you, or your current employer can choose to fire you. Why go through all that trouble when you can petition for expungement?

Through the expungement process, your criminal record is erased. If you were charged for a misdemeanor or felony, but not convicted of the crime, you may be eligible for expungement.

At the Chicago Law Offices of Hal M. Garfinkel LLC, Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney, we represent clients throughout the state of Illinois in DuPage County, Cook County, Kane County, Will County and Lake County, who are seeking to clear their criminal records through expungement.

To learn more about how we can help you obtain your entire arrest record and petition for getting it expunged or sealed, contact the Law Offices of Hal M. Garfinkel LLC, Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney to schedule a one-on-one, free initial consultation. Call 312-629-0669 to speak with an expungement attorney today.

Time Matters and You Can’t Afford to Wait

Due to sensitive time constraints to obtain an Expungement Order, it’s imperative that you speak to an experienced expungement attorney who can help you fill out the appropriate forms and follow the proper procedures.

Hal M. Garfinkel is a highly respected criminal defense attorney who can help you understand the expungement process. Even if you are not eligible for expungement, you still may be able to seal your criminal records, which would keep your arrest record out of public view.

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Contact the Law Offices of Hal M. Garfinkel LLC, Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney in Chicago, Illinois, for a free initial consultation. You have a right to move on with your life without your past mistakes affecting your future. Call 312-629-0669 to speak with veteran expungement attorney, Hal M. Garfinkel, today.

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