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In the state of Illinois and across the country, crimes of a sexual nature are taken very seriously, frequently resulting in severe criminal penalties. Depending on the offense, a convicted sex offender may also be required to register as such … Continue reading

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Despite being among the most common violent crime charges in the country, many individuals would be unable to explain exactly what allegations of assault or battery entail. Adding to the confusion is the fact that many cases may include charges … Continue reading

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A nationwide operation to reduce sex-trafficking concluded last month, resulting in the arrest of nearly 600 would-be buyers, or “johns,” and promoters of prostitution. The sting was coordinated by Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, and utilized the cooperation of nearly … Continue reading

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With many states around the country beginning to loosen their statutes regarding the medicinal or recreational use of marijuana, both remain illegal and subject to prosecution in the state of Illinois. The penalties for a marijuana conviction in Illinois range … Continue reading

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