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Consider a plausible scenario: you go out with friends for drinks after work one Friday afternoon. You stay for an hour or two, enjoy a few laughs and a couple beers, and then head home for a late dinner. While … Continue reading

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One of the cornerstones of American criminal law and jurisprudence is the assumption that all citizens are innocent until proven guilty. This most basic principle is designed to guide the actions of law enforcement, prosecutors, defenders, and the rules of … Continue reading

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Have you ever wondered how the word “rap” came to mean “reputation?” Of course, it is almost always used in with a negative connotation, as someone with a shady past may be said to have a “bad rap.” Interestingly, it … Continue reading

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The debate over drug detection dogs or drug-sniffing dogs has taken on life in recent months and years on several different fronts. There have been many concerns raised over the training methods used with such animals and the reliability of … Continue reading

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