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For individuals in the state of Illinois who have never been convicted of a crime, having a record expunged has the power to bring an overwhelming amount of relief and to open up a world of possibilities for the future. … Continue reading

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The Illinois State Police report that domestic violence results in more injuries that require medical attention than a number of other violent incidents combined, including rape and muggings. Every fifteen seconds, a woman is beaten in the United States, and … Continue reading

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Property crimes such as robbery and burglary have the power to drastically alter an offender’s life the moment they lead to criminal charges. Penalties for such crimes can range from serious fines and community service to lengthy prison time, all … Continue reading

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Whatever criminal charges you may be facing, there are a number of potential penalties and sentences that may be served as you move forward with the court process. Whether you have been accused of various property crimes, such as retail … Continue reading

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