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Unfortunately, we never know what life holds in store. Maybe life is 100 years long, and in other cases, the length of life is not as long as we hope. When life ends prematurely, we are often left to pick … Continue reading

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Internet crime is beyond a doubt troublesome for not only the ordinary individual but also impacts national security. While the majority of citizens utilize the world wide web to complete daily activities, such as shopping, applying for jobs, listening to … Continue reading

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Accusations of bank fraud elicit ideations of a masked individual demanding cash from a banking institution. However, although the accusations imply the illegal procurement of money, one is not the same as the other. Bank robbery is a blatant, public … Continue reading

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Prosecuted as a federal crime, mortgage fraud is often a very complicated criminal act that can create ongoing, long-term problems for both its victims and offenders over time. The FBI defines this crime under two main categories: Fraud for property, … Continue reading

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