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While the federal white collar crime known as identity theft is nothing new, statistics continue to illuminate the fact that identity fraud is an ever-growing problem across the nation, and across the globe. According to the FBI, the actual number … Continue reading

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Child pornography is a taboo topic across the United States. While it is important to protect our children, it is also important to protect and defend the rights of the American people. All too often, unsuspecting individuals become engaged with … Continue reading

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Conspiracy is a topic that on which films and television shows are created. Thousands of novels fly off the shelf annually with titles related to dramatic conspiratorial plotlines. The word in and of itself sounds intriguing, but what exactly does … Continue reading

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Effective January 1, 2017, judges in Illinois now must explain, on the record, why they handed down a prison sentence for a crime that also carries a punishment of probation when imposing sentences on two classifications of felonies. This change … Continue reading

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