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Under the federal crime umbrella, tax-related crimes that involve stealing someone’s identity are taken very seriously, just like every other form of identity theft. Anytime someone knowingly, willingly collects someone’s personal information, such as a name and social security number, … Continue reading

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Most of us had Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet on our reading list in high school. The storyline is about two children that fall in love. Their families are bitter enemies, creating a forbidden love scenario, and the two turn to … Continue reading

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If you were found guilty of a federal crime although you were innocent, it might not be your fault. All too often unjustly accused citizens are carted off to prison due to a lack of a convincing attorney. Many find … Continue reading

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There is an abundance of white collar crimes that authorities must deal with on a daily basis, from embezzlement and money laundering to mortgage fraud and classic cases of identity theft. All these crimes wreak havoc on the victims and … Continue reading

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