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We are now approaching tax season, and many of us are not looking forward to getting them filed. Over the past few years, since the evolution of technology, the number of people affected by identity theft has increased, and that … Continue reading

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Sex crimes are horrific in nature and can cost the person committing the crime and the person affected by the crime severe consequences. What many people do not know about sex crimes is that there are many myths attached. No incident … Continue reading

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Cyberstalking has been an ongoing issue for many years. With the evolution of the Internet and overall technology, there have been easier ways to target specific social groups using media. In January 2018, cyberstalking has become a hate crime, which … Continue reading

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Being charged with possession and use of illegal drugs is very serious and could cost you your overall quality of life. However, if you are in possession of illegal drugs in the workplace, whether in retail or corporate, there is … Continue reading

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