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October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, which seeks to remind businesses and the public of the crimes that can be perpetrated online and the ways everyone can make the internet more secure. The National Cybersecurity Awareness Month was created in … Continue reading

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Once you post something on social media, you need to assume that the police or prosecutors can find it and use it against you during a criminal trial. Over the years, law enforcement has become very savvy in the ways … Continue reading

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With the simple click of a button, one can commit a federal crime by making a baseless threat to a school or other public space. The FBI reports that hoax threats have seen a recent uptick in frequency. Most hoax … Continue reading

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Addiction has always been a factor in many cases in the criminal justice system. Approximately 65 percent of those in jail are known to have a substance use disorder. However, the opioid epidemic has created higher stakes due to the … Continue reading

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