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Child pornography charges or convictions are in the news on a constant basis. The FBI says that the large number of incidents of child pornography is attributable to the Internet, which has made this type of material more readily available. … Continue reading

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On November 2, 1988, a cyber worm was disseminated on the Internet from a computer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Thirty years ago, the Internet was a different place; there were only 60,000 computers online, most of them at … Continue reading

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Not everyone convicted of a crime in Illinois is found guilty and sentenced to jail or prison. Depending on a person’s criminal record and the nature of their offense, there is a chance for some to be sentenced to what … Continue reading

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The vast majority of people who are prescribed drugs which have potentially harmful side effects are using them in the manner indicated by their doctor. However, some become addicted, or want to make money selling such drugs, and may turn … Continue reading

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