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If you are under federal investigation, you will want to speak to an attorney right away. Having an attorney by your side can prevent you from saying something that will incriminate yourself, and can ensure your rights are protected throughout … Continue reading

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It was in late 2018 when Russian citizen, Anton Bogdanov, was deported from Thailand to the United States. Recently, at the end of April, the US Federal Court leveled several accusations against him. Included in those accusations was the crime … Continue reading

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If you have been arrested for a federal crime, you know what a scary thing it is. You are likely envisioning the worst possible outcome, spending years of your life in federal prison. However, this is not always the case. … Continue reading

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Many people have seen the television advertisements for DNA testing kits that typically come from genealogy websites such as FamilyTreeDNA. However, what started as a simple curiosity may turn into something much more if the police try to obtain your … Continue reading

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