4 Consequences of a Federal Sex Crime Conviction

 Posted on December 09, 2021 in Sex Crimes

chicago criminal defense lawyerBeing convicted of a federal sex crime will impact the rest of your life. Zmerely being accused of a sex crime can set social consequences, like job loss, in motion well before you even have a chance to be tried fairly. For crimes of this nature, the consequences are much more extensive than a prison sentence or a fine, although both are likely. Having to register as a sex offender can affect every facet of your life, from where you can live to what line of work you can be in. 

If you have been accused of a federal sex offense, the sooner you call an experienced criminal defense attorney the better. There is more at stake here than in nearly any other type of prosecution, and you will need a strong legal defense team to protect your rights and future. 

What Will Happen if I am Convicted of a Federal Sex Crime? 

The penalties judicially imposed will vary depending on the crime charged and all the facts and circumstances surrounding it. The social and professional consequences cannot be predictably accounted for, but you can expect them to be harsh. Consequences of a federal sex crime conviction include: 

  • Prison - Mandatory minimum sentences are set for most federal sex crimes. Possession of child pornography, for example, carries a five-year minimum prison term. The court will consider factors like what impact the crime had on the victim when deciding how long a prison sentence should be. 

  • Fines - Fines for sex offenses can be astronomical - well into the six figures. This is in addition to any asset forfeiture if you profited from the sex crime. 

  • Sex offender registration - Being convicted of most federal sex crimes will result in you having to join the National Sex Offender Registration. This registry is extremely public - anyone will be able to view your name, address, photo, as well as a description of your sex offense. You may be restricted from living near schools, parks, or other places where children congregate if your crime involved a minor, and your neighbors may be notified of your crime when you move in.

  • Professional problems - If you were in a field that requires licensing and oversight, such as teaching, nursing, social work, or childcare, it is unlikely that you will be able to continue in your line of work. Many federal sex crimes will disqualify you from working in certain fields or with certain vulnerable populations. Even if you keep your professional license, finding employment may be very difficult. Even employers who are generally willing to hire felons may draw the line at hiring sex offenders. 

It is extremely important that you work with an experienced attorney who can put forth your best possible defense as well as any mitigating circumstances that could potentially reduce these harsh consequences. 

Contact a Cook County Federal Sex Crimes Defense Attorney

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