5 Surprising Crimes That Are Now Committed Online

 Posted on January 18, 2022 in Federal Crimes

b2ap3_thumbnail_shutterstock_506693812.jpgEver since the internet became commonplace, a surprising amount of crime has moved online. Many people erroneously feel that it is “safer” to engage in criminal activity from the comfort of their own computer chair. Some federal crimes, like child pornography and certain types of fraud, are now almost exclusively committed over the internet. However, since the pandemic began and more people were kept home, new and different types of federal crimes have found space in the virtual sphere. 

The FBI is now making a push to crack down on cybercrime. If you were caught in a recent bust of some type or found yourself under arrest over an online activity, you must take steps to protect yourself immediately. Contacting a skilled federal crimes attorney is a good start. 

Which Federal Crimes Are Now Committed Over the Internet?

Many people accused of internet-based crimes are surprised to learn that they are being charged federally instead of at the state level. The reason for this is that when you use the internet to do something illegal, you are almost certainly “touching” another state or interstate commerce in some way. This can push you into federal jurisdiction and up the seriousness of your situation tenfold. 

Crimes that may have moved online include: 

  • Drug trafficking - Those even slightly familiar with the darknet are aware that you can order all manner of illegal substances in these underground marketplaces. Rather than meeting a drug dealer or distributor in person, many people are now ordering their illicit drugs online and having them delivered to their front door by the United States Postal Service. 

  • Murder - Murder-for-hire schemes are very frequently arranged online. These plots are more ubiquitous than many believe. However, there is a strong chance that those seeking to hire a hitman will instead wind up talking to an undercover police officer. 

  • Stalking - Stalkers no longer need to follow their victim in person. Instead, stalkers are increasingly turning to technology to illegally stalk, spy on, or harass another person. By hacking into email accounts, photo storage systems, or even a person’s webcam, cyberstalking has become a serious issue. 

  • Weapons trafficking - Similar to how narcotics distribution is done online, a good number of illicit weapons are sold over the darknet. 

  • Prostitution - While the actual act of prostitution does require some in-person contact, the arrangements are most often made online these days. While streetwalking prostitutes still exist, a majority of these agreements are now made online rather than in person by the side of the road. 

If you have been arrested for committing a federal crime online, there is a lot at stake. You could face serious prison time, even if you never left your home in the process of allegedly breaking the law. 

Call a Chicago Federal Crimes Defense Lawyer

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