Are Telemarketing Scams Federal Crimes?

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chicago criminal defense lawyerThe state of Utah was shocked last month when a reality TV star on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City pleaded guilty to federal criminal charges of committing federal wire fraud in a telemarketing scheme. While the reality TV storyline may prove irresistible to viewers, charges of federal telemarketing fraud carry serious consequences including extended time in federal prison. Under the terms of this reality TV star’s plea deal, she could spend up to 14 years in prison. If you or someone you love has been arrested for telemarketing fraud, it is important to understand this crime and the potential consequences you may face. 

Federal Mail and Wire Fraud Crimes

For most of us, scams are an obnoxious part of life. While many of these scams use either obvious or well-known tactics, others are quite sophisticated and more difficult to see through. No matter their level of sophistication, however, they are all illegal - whether they occur over the phone, through email, over text message, or by snail mail. 

Telemarketing fraud can be a plan, program, or campaign which is meant to induce the victim to buy something, participate in a contest or business opportunity, invest, or donate to a fraudulent charity. Telemarketers may also pose as a family member of a victim, pretending to be in urgent need of help. 

What Are the Penalties for Telemarketing Fraud? 

The penalties for telemarketing fraud vary widely depending on the scope of the person’s knowledge, how involved they were in the scheme, how much financial damage the person caused, and the age of the victims who were targeted. For example, if a fraudster targeted at least 10 people who were older than 55, an additional penalty of 10 years in prison can be added to whatever base prison sentence is given. Convicted fraudsters can also be ordered to pay restitution, forfeit their ill-gotten earnings, and pay expensive penalties. 

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