Can I Bail My Spouse Out of Jail if They Are Charged with a Federal Crime? 

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chicago federal criminal defense lawyer Federal crimes are serious offenses for which prosecutors generally try to seek the most aggressive penalties. When you or someone you love is facing charges for a federal crime, it can be hard to think straight, especially if you believe you are innocent. Can you post bail? If you can, should you? Will it look bad to meet with an attorney? The answers to these questions are made much more simple with the help of an experienced federal criminal defense attorney who can immediately get you the help you need. If you are wondering whether you can bail out yourself or your spouse for a federal crime, read on. 

Is Bail Possible For Federal Crimes? 

Whether bail is possible for any crime will depend on the crime you are accused of, as well as what happens in your bail hearing. For state crimes, a judge will set an amount for a bond and once you post bail or hire a bondsman, you can leave jail. But when you are charged and arrested for a federal offense, you will need to attend an initial hearing with a Pretrial Services Officer. The officer will ask you many questions about your background and your activities related to the crime of which you are suspected. Knowing how to answer these questions can be challenging and it is highly advisable to secure an attorney before you attend your initial hearing. 

Once you have completed your initial hearing, the officer will talk to a judge and make a recommendation about whether you should be allowed to be released before your trial. If there is a concern that you pose a flight risk or might injure someone, that may justify keeping you in confinement while you await trial. If you are released before trial, you will be informed about the strict conditions you must adhere to while you await trial. Certain actions may result in an immediate revocation of your release. Conditions of pretrial release may include, but are not limited to: 

  • Securing surety or property bonds 

  • Pretrial supervision

  • Electric monitoring 

  • Cash bail

Meet with a Chicago, IL Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Now

Whether it is you or your spouse who are facing federal criminal charges, do not wait to seek the help you need. At the Law Offices of Hal M. Garfinkel LLC, Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney, our aggressive Cook County federal criminal defense attorney is ready to help you build a proactive defense that pursues every avenue available to get the charges against you reduced or dropped. Call us today to schedule your free case review at 312-629-0669, or call us directly from jail or a police station. 



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