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Illinois defense attorney, Illinois criminal lawyer, Illinois criminal justice statutes,Inmates and their accomplices on the outside have often utilized crafty methods to smuggle contraband. Now, as drones grow in popularity and number across the country, some creative inmates have begun using the unmanned aircraft to deliver banned items like drugs, weapons, and cellphones to prison yards. While Illinois itself has yet to have an incident like this occur, other surrounding states have had recent, problematic incidents with drones, and one Illinois lawmaker has proposed a new measure in hopes of keeping drones away from prisons within the state.

New Technology, New Problems

Prisons across the country are worried about the use of drones as incidents of inmates receiving banned substances dropped in prison yards by drones have increased over the past year. A few months ago in Mansfield, Ohio, a drone delivered a package containing marijuana, tobacco, and heroin to a prison yard, which sparked a violent brawl between the inmates. In Maryland, two men were recently arrested for plans to use a drone to deliver pornography, a cellphone, and illegal drugs to a prison. Last October, officials at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary discovered a drone that had crashed on prison grounds carrying a cellphone, heroin, and hacksaw blades.



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